The Practices


HP Alexander Schoenhoff and HP Michaela Schoenhoff

We use the name „HEILPRAXIS SCHOENHOFF” as an easy to remem­ber trade­mark for the spa­ti­al con­so­li­da­ti­on of the two inde­pen­dent healing prac­tices Michae­la Schoen­hoff, HP and Alex­an­der Schoen­hoff, HP. Pati­ents recei­ve indi­vi­du­al bills, f.e. for con­sul­ta­ti­ons, test, tre­at­ments or reci­pes issued from the respec­tive the­ra­pist they had visi­ted.

Our prac­tices are situa­ted qui­te con­ve­ni­ent­ly in the cen­ter of Rosen­heim, on the top floor loo­king east in one of the busiest medi­cal prac­ti­tio­ner cen­ters of the city.

The cen­tral sta­ti­on is just 5 minu­tes wal­king time away. Right of which you may find its spa­cious car park. Also acces­si­ble just wit­hin a few minu­tes is the pede­stri­an zone of the bust­ling city cen­ter and the Beil­hack Park­haus, not far from the City­do­me Mul­ti­plex cine­ma. Several par­king lots for dis­ab­led peop­le are loca­ted direc­t­ly in front of the buil­ding. Our prac­tice rooms are ful­ly acces­si­ble, also thanks to the lift.

The brown 8-storey buil­ding pro­vi­des for several spe­cia­list medic and phy­sio­the­ra­py prac­tices.
In the ent­ran­ce level you will also find a well equip­ped phar­ma­cy cal­led „Aes­cu­lap Apo­the­ke” and the fri­end­ly and high­ly com­pe­tent team of „Bril­len Wohl­fahrt”.

It took us qui­te a while to find a well con­nec­ted loca­ti­on like that for HEILPRAXIS SCHOENHOFF. 
Now we hope, that you will find it just as con­ve­ni­ent as we do.

Pic­tu­re: Woi­fi Gschwendt­ner /