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Practice community of Naturopaths* Michaela and Alexander Schoenhoff in Rosenheim, Bavaria.
*Intro­duc­to­ry state­ment: What we are and what we are not

Provided by both practices

  • Indi­vi­du­al tre­at­ment of pati­ents with chro­nic pain
  • Indi­vi­du­al tre­at­ment of pati­ents with gastro­in­tes­ti­nal situa­ti­ons
    (Inclu­ding microbiome/intestinal reme­dia­ti­on, „Leaky Gut”, all­er­gies, into­le­ran­ces)
  • Spe­cia­list lab dia­gnostics
  • Iden­ti­fy and address vital nut­ri­ent defi­ci­en­cy disea­ses
  • Injec­tion and infu­si­on tre­at­ments
  • Deto­xi­fi­ca­ti­on
  • Phy­to­the­ra­py
  • Psy­cho­the­ra­py (n. Heil­prG)
  • and various manu­al and com­ple­men­ta­ry healing methods
Michaela Schoenhoff, HP
Addi­tio­nal skills
HP Michae­la Schoen­hoff
  • Ortho­mole­cu­lar medi­ci­ne
  • KPU — cryp­to­pyr­ro­lu­ria
  • HLB-micro­sco­py
  • Accom­pany­ing bio­lo­gi­cal can­cer the­ra­py
Alexander Schoenhoff, HP
Addi­tio­nal skills
HP Alex­an­der Schoen­hoff
  • Meso­the­ra­py
  • The­ra­peu­tic hyp­no­sis
  • Talk and beha­vio­ral the­ra­py
  • Coun­se­ling, Coa­ching
  • Manu­al the­ra­pies

HP Alexander und Michaela Schoenhoff
HP Alex­an­der und Michae­la Schoen­hoff

The essentials right here and now

The inde­pen­dent prac­tices of HP Michae­la Schoen­hoff and HP Alex­an­der Schoen­hoff pro­fes­sio­nal­ly pro­vi­de cura­ti­ve ser­vices. Accord­ing to HeilpG, both the­ra­pists are licen­sed com­ple­men­ta­ry medi­cal prac­ti­tio­ners (or in ger­man ‘Heil­prak­ti­ker’).

The ser­vices offe­red inclu­de spe­cia­list medi­cal and com­ple­men­ta­ry assess­ment and dia­gnostics, and, of cour­se, the tre­at­ment of gene­ral and spe­ci­fic dis­or­ders of the body and the soul as requi­red and regu­la­ted by law.

About us

For us, body, mind and soul are the three pillars of holistic health.

The hig­hest atten­ti­on is given to the exami­na­ti­on of intes­ti­nes, thy­ro­id, blood, meta­bo­lic func­tions and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal sta­bi­li­ty.

On that foun­da­ti­on, we work as empa­thic, tho­rough, exact and rea­listic as pos­si­ble for and with our pati­ents.
When doing medi­cal histo­ry or tre­at­ment work, we can be just as stric­t­ly medi­cal­ly min­ded as we could be com­ple­men­ta­ry or alter­na­ti­ve in our approach whe­re it app­lies.

When it comes to your health we wouldn’t just fall back on incen­se cand­les, „sin­ging bowls” or „mys­tic morning fog” — howe­ver rela­xing that may be. Ins­tead we pro­vi­de our pati­ents with down-to-earth com­mon sen­se, sci­en­ti­fic fac­ts as well as prac­ti­cal pro­po­sals and results.

To some of our con­tem­pora­ries, what we do appears like magic. Some skep­tics call it sim­ply wrong or even fraud.

But as we see it, we don’t just „con­ju­re, glow, and hover” — we help to heal.

HP Michae­la Schoen­hoff
HP Alex­an­der Schoen­hoff

Bild: Woi­fi Gschwendt­ner / woifiart.de